Our Company

About us

INADISA is a company created on 1988 by Philips, Celsa and Roy Alpha, with the purpose to supply its partners – luminaire manufacturers – and companies in the Electricity and Private Sector (Assemblers, Contractors, Distributors), mainly the Ballast. As time passed, INADISA was strengthened in the market by offering a product of excellent quality, due one of the best test laboratories and highly qualified personnel.
This is how it was successfully expanding its portfolio products, such as Electronic Ignitor (1996), Magnetic Transformer (1998) that would be replaced by Electronic Transformer (2000), Electronic Photocontroles (2003) and Electronic Fluorescent Ballasts (2006) and later LED technology and Control Systems.

In 2000 ICONTEC certified its Quality Management System and guaranteed electric and electronic sector international standards.

In 2010 INADISA began RDE program with the Universidad de los Andes and the HID electronic ballasts commercialization.

In the same year, it implements its division of special projects of interior and exterior illumination with the technical support for the installations that required it, supported by specialized lighting design studies and a wide products portfolio and accessories of the best quality and with the latest lighting trends in the worldwide, ensuring lower costs and high energy efficiency for our customers.Today, our interior and exterior lighting market specializes in: office lighting, hotels, restaurants, housing, shopping centers, buildings and everything related to facades, gardens and outdoor lighting, tunnels, parks, squares and recreation places.   Also, we are committed to renewable energies and we specialize in providing services and products based on Photovoltaic Energy contributing to build a better future for the planet, stimulating the creation of a more sustainable environment for the new generations. To do that we provide advice and services of distribution, engineering, technical support, consulting and logistics effective services that allow our customers also contribute to energy transformation.

INADISA exports about 40% of its production to Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Chile and Venezuela.  INADISA is located in Bogotá – Colombia. Calle 12 No. 44-30. ​​Puente Aranda Industrial Area.

Our mission

To manufacture and commercialize electrical equipment for lighting and the generation of energy, in an environment of commitment, motivation and teamwork, through a quality culture, efficiency and social responsibility, satisfying the needs of our customers and the market.

Our Vision

Supported by our human talent and our values, we will remain another 25 years well positioned in the lighting market with sustainable growth, constantly adapting to the new technologies.

We intend to maintain sales of our current products and grow with new LED products, electronics, new lighting and alternative energy projects.

Our Quality Policy

To consolidate a culture oriented to continuous improvement, which allows us to provide our clients and the market with high quality lighting products complying with the regulations, thus strengthening our participation and growth in the market through management of our resources.

Our Values

Human Quality

Loyalty, happiness, respect, greeting, good treatment, responsibility, commitment, trust, honesty, sincerity, positive attitude, willingness to adapt and collaborate in the relationship with the environment.


Give on time and with the expected quality to the client, company, partner, employee, family, society, the offered or contracted, as indicated by law, norms or expectations created.


To integrate processes and staff having assertive communication, synergy and trust.


To work with a social sense of belonging, enthusiasm and willingness, to guarantee the business and environmental sustainability of the new generations.

Quality Culture

To do things always well, without the supervision necessity and to time, reflected in the results given to the client.


To fulfill expectations by generating value to achieve internal and external customer satisfaction.